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Agent Orange Finance offers a utility token that is fully utilized in different areas to enhance its full capability as a token to grow and become stable in the future. Here, we use different platforms to attain our goal and provide a sustainable ecosystem to our investors.

Agent Orange hub is a mobile application for crypto investors that aims to help organize important stuff such as DYOR'ed projects. This will also include cool features like Bullish Run wherein there is a certain token scheduled (not revealed to the public until its schedule) that public can buy as soon as the time of schedule is reached.
Agent Orange hub application utilized Agent Orange tokens by using it to unlock Premium features, removing ads and removing limit on data entries. Investors will only be required to hold a certain amount of tokens to unlock the reward and can SELL anytime they want.

Agent Orange finance incorporates the use of algorithmic coin protocol on the BSC network. Of course, a big thanks to first algorithmic token on the FTM network) where this all started. success is our inspiration and would like to follow its steps and share it with all of you.
Agent Orange finance took the opportunity to be used in the algorithmic coin protocol wherein Agent Orange token can be use to farm $TANGERINEs and $TANGERINE-SHARES to earn stable, high yields that are only possible through the power of DeFi, but with the stability and security of exposure to BNB, the world's largest and most stable crypto asset. Therefore, this could give our investors more profits.

Our first of many NFT collections initially launched to the public. Holders can benefit from Fruitstand platform wherein $ORANGE can be staked and earn passive income such as Agent Orange Token.
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